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Weight Loss Workout Outside : Overweight Beginner Low Impact Home Workout (Burn 300Cals under 20mins) | Joanna Soh

Weight Loss Workout Outside Video

Weight Loss Workout Outside

Overweight Beginner Low Impact Home Workout (Burn 300Cals under 20mins) | Joanna Soh

Overweight Beginner Low Impact Home Workout (Burn 300Cals under 20mins) | Joanna Soh

♥ No matter how heavy you are, you CAN start losing weight! Start this workout with me. READ below for more info.
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♥ Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach (VN).

What is your fitness goal? How much do you need to lose? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are extremely overweight, you want to focus on LOW IMPACT exercises and avoid high impact exercises such as jumping or running because it can be extremely stressful on your joints and may cause injuries.

This is a really effective total body low impact workout to help you burn fat, increase your metabolism, increase lean muscles and lose weight.

1) Tip Toe Squat
2) Low Impact Burpees
3) Sumo Squat & Heel Touch
4) Kneel to Squat
5) Standing Crunches + Kick
6) Knee Pushup and Tap
7) Reverse Crunches
8) Plank

Sequence: 8 Minutes, 8 Intervals (40secs Workout – 20secs Rest)
Repeat 2 sets
Rest for 1 minute between sets
Total Time: 20 minutes
Estimated Calories Burned: 200 – 250Cals
Best Results: Do this workout 3 to 4 times weekly on alternate days.
Perform 45 – 60 minutes of low intensity cardio such as speed walking, swimming, cycling or dancing on the other days.

To progress:
– Increase the workout time and reduce the rest time (for instance 50secs workout – 10 secs rest for each exercise)
– Perform 3 – 4 sets and make it a 40-minute workout
– Lift some weights to make it more challenging

*You MUST perform 5 – 10 minutes warm-up before exercising and 5 – 10 minutes stretches after exercising to cool down. This is to avoid injuries, to reduce muscle soreness and speed up your recovery.


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  1. Im not gonna lie im kinda overweight but honestly i did two other work out vids before this and it wasnt as hard as everyone is making it out to seem, im very new when it comes to working out and i push myself way to far but even when at the brink of passing out i did this one, yes it is tough but nothing you cant get through if you put your mind to it

  2. This is not for overweight people. You really need to modify this for over weight people. This is at best for someone that is not overweight. I tried doing this and am almost 300lbs and 5'7". I barely finished the first part of it and was dieing by the second set. I had to pause workout and rest few times and next day my muscles are hurting. I still appreciate the video but please try to add some exercises that overweight people like myself can do. Hopefully I am not the only person who had issues doing this"overweight beginner" workout.

  3. VERY COOL ❤⚘muito bom exercitar 🌾⚘🌷💜🌷⚘🌾
    🇧🇷💛🌾visit my channel 🌾💛🇧🇷

  4. can you plz suggest me some exercises to lose weight, my body type is A frame, i had lost 15 kgs weight , but that remained for 1.5 year only as i started antidepressants due to depression and panic attacks and i gained weight again and now m regularly doing exercises and taking balance diet still its harder to lose weight from last 2 months m doing yoga, cardio, squats and incline treadmill walking but haven't lost 1kg can you please set up a routine challenges to lose weight fast because due to weight gain m having other problems for which i can't take medicines as already on antidepressants, m an anemic too taking iron and vitamin D supplements. my height is 4'10 and my weight is 65 kgs. I want to lose 15-20 kgs please help, its a request.

  5. hey i just wanna tell you that you really motivate me to lose weight even though im overweight. and actually it was pretty fun and satisfying. TYSM Joanna!! 🙌🙂 remember guys, its better to do one exercise than never. Goodluck everyone✨

  6. Hey Joanna I'm 24 I wanna reduce 30 kilos…I'm 80 already…I'm being bullied every time…ppl call me fatty… I need help.

  7. Exercising! Let’s see how this works! 💖 I’m gonna do this 3 days for 6 weeks! I’ll update you guys ! Like for motivation 💖💖 I’ll say how much I’ve lost when done

    Day 1 : easy! I did it!

    Day 2: doing it right now! My thighs are a little sore doing it!

    Day 3: done <3

    Day 4:

    Day 5:

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

    Day 8:

    Day 9:

    Day 10:

    Day 11:

    Day 12:

    Day 13:

    Day 14:

    Day 15:

    Day 16

    Day 17:

    Day 18:

  8. I have just read the comments. Sure, if you are really fat you will not be able to do this just like her. THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO KEEP MOVING. Just do the exercises how you can and eventually you will lose and be able to do them.

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